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System Analysis (Check-up)

Having over 30 years of  Lean implementation experience in Automotive OEM's, Leanopex analyzes manufacturing systems from operational excellence perspective in a client specific manner.

In Leanopex, we conduct a comprehensive analysis for each of our clients and produce an extensive client specific diagnosis of the gaps between strategy and execution, with clear emphasis to:

·         Low performance due to issues in Lean systems and related behaviors

·         Ineffective behavior due to lack of clear principles

·         Cultural incompatibility and resistance to change, with remedies

·         Discrepancies between  personal and group problem solving

·         Compatibility of organizational structure with performance culture

Following this thorough analysis, we then provide a clear and prioritized road-map proposal. This proposal takes the current capacity and capabilities of your organization into account and is carefully designed to help you reach your fullest potential and organizational excellence.

OPEX System Analysis


Leanopex provides mentoring customized to your needs or based on the results of a preliminary Check-up analysis of your organization. 


Improved leadership behavior is the key to sustainable change, which is why in our Mentorship program, we aim to develop your systems in close collaboration with your leaders. We believe that the most important outcome of this Mentoring program is Leader development itself. We combine our expertise in Change Management with leading behavior of your leaders during implementation. With the guidance of our Mentorship program you will benefit from the best practices applied in top OEM's like Toyota, Renault, PSA, Hyundai, MAN and Volkswagen, throughout every step of your sustainable system improvement journey.

Automotive Plant and Process Planning

Having 30 years of experience on OEM plant / process planning, design and implementation, we guide you to build efficient and flexible manufacturing facilities.

Our services include:

  • Layout planning and optimization

  • Equipment selection / investment / commissioning / ramp-up

  • Process design and flow simulation

  • TPM and equipment capacity improvement

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