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Levent Turk

Levent Turk
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I have 30 years of hands-on experience in Lean and Operational Excellence.


Having designed and implemented Lean Transformations in top Automotive OEMs, I provide training and implementation mentoring  service to organizations.


My expertise ranging from strategy to culture management provides practical and effective approach to change.

Education:     MSc.EEE, MBA



Tubitak R&D, 3 years

Alstom Belgium JV, 2 Years

Toyota-Japan, 2 years,

                        Toyota Production System

Toyota Turkey, 14 years, Lean Manufacturing

                          for 200.000 cars/year


       Production General Manager

       Quality General Manager

       Purchasing &  Engineering Director  

 Karsan, 3 Years, Production Group Manager

 MAN Truck & Bus, 9 years, Production VP.

Lean Management Experience:

Toyota :

   Full application of Lean

   High volume serial production

   7 major model changes

Karsan :

   Lean transformation

   Mid-volume & diversity production

   5 Brands in the same line     

MAN     : 

   Lean transformation

   Low volume high diversity production

   Complexity management

   (120.000 live parts)

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