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Where to start and how to proceed among tens of Lean systems and tools?


From Obeya, or Leader Development, or 5S ?


We provide a structured approach to Lean Transformation.

Starting from fundamentals, continuing with continuous improvement, we finally achieve operational excellence, OPEX.

Change Management:

  • New habits take time to develop. We coach behaviors during implementation (Kata).

  • We seek for sustainability. Repetition of right behaviors develop beliefs on Lean Principles, thus developing common purpose.  

Lean Systems & Tools

      Basic Systems


Pull system and continuous flow

Built-in QualityBB



Visual management


Kaizen and PDCA

Health and Safety systems

      Systems for Continuous Improvement

Problem Solving and A3 Thinking

Cross-Functional Teams

Kaizen certification

Normal-abnormal conditions

Normal conditions, daily management 

Abnormal conditions, escalation rules

Employee development

Leader development

Supplier development



Champion Vehicle

Self process perfection, Jikotei-Kanketsu

Suggestion system

Design for production 

Heijunka, balancing

Communication systems

Industrial relations

Role modeling, leader responsibility 

On the job training system

Employee accountability on targets

Recruitment and promotion policies

Multiskill development

Serial production and diversity management

Low-volume, high complexity management

      Systems for Excellence

Stategic Planning and Hoshin Kanri

Strategic Management & follow-up


Customer relations management

Cost accounting-process integration

Responsibility & accountability

Organizational structure

HR policies, high performance culture

Culture management

Employee satisfaction

Employee and leader development 

Performance metrics

Reporting systems


Complexity Management System

Problem Solving System

Operational Due Diligence

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