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Lean Operational Excellence

Mostly, company values are only some words that are open to interpretation differences or even unknown by employees. Defined competencies, if there are, generally don't describe company-specific behavior expectations and are rarely referenced.

Behaviors at the individual level are driven externally by systems and internally by personal values. To develop group behaviors sustainably, we need to seek consensus on shared values, and support desired behavior using systems.

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Our Approach

In 2-days workshops, we:

  1. discuss personal values to develop a common understanding of their definition

  2. evaluate positive and negative reflections of values in daily behavior at the workplace

  3. discuss the guiding principles of your company

  4. link the personal values of your employees to the guiding principles


There is a gap between Knowing and Doing.

A new skill develops only by using it.

During the workshops, we criticize daily workplace behaviors from a Lean perspective.

Discussion examples are chosen from real-life Lean management practices.

Expected outcomes:

  1. A clear understanding and consensus of right and wrong behaviors with respect to the guiding principles

  2. The accountability that every participant will take when they return back to the workplace

  3. A clear road map for HR professionals on Lean competencies and respective HR systems

  4. Improved understanding of the combat between High-Performance Culture and Toxic Culture 

  5. For attending teams, consensus/commitment on Lean mindset and clear behavioral guidelines. 


Workshop 2.

Fundamentals of High Performance Culture

Leanopex Workshop Cultural Foundation
Kapak kindle.png

​      Lean Principles





      Ideal Systems and Behavior


Suggestion system


Normal-abnormal conditions

Normal conditions, daily management 

Abnormal conditions, escalation rules

Employee development

Leader development

Health and Safety systems

Communication systems

Industrial relations

Role modeling, leader responsibility 

On the job training system

Employee accountability on targets

Recruitment and promotion policies

Multiskill development


Workshop 3.

Continuous Improvement

Leanopex Workshop - Continuous Improvement

       Lean Principles


Scientific thinking

Built-in Quality

Flow and Pull

Process focus

       Ideal Systems and Behavior


          Problems and Human

Kaizen certification

Cross-Functional Teams



Visual management


Supplier development

Kaizen and PDCA


Self process perfection, Jikotei-Kanketsu

Pull system and continuous flow

Design for production 

Heijunka, balancing

Serial production and diversity management

Low-volume, high complexity management


Workshop 4. OPEX

Leanopex Workshop OPEX.png

​      Lean Principles


Long term view

          Systemmatic thinking

          Customer focus

     Ideal Systems and Behavior

Stategic Planning and Hoshin Kanri

Strategic Management & follow-up

Change management


Customer relations management

Proper technology and digitalization

Cost accounting-process integration

Responsibility & accountability

Organizational structure

HR policies, high performance culture

Culture management

Employee satisfaction

Employee and leader development 

Performance metrics

Reporting systems

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