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In Leanopex, our workshops are designed for leader development along with sustainable behavioral change. Simultaneous implementation of multiple Lean Systems results in resistance to change and will require huge amount of energy for their maintenance, unless each system is linked to existing culture and beliefs at introduction stage. 


An ideal Lean system is the one which is digested by the leaders who implement it in harmony with existing cultural traits and who make wise use of resources of the organization. This is how a system that will continuously improve itself in the future is born. Leanopex carefully evaluates the organization’s existing culture and offers workshops that will ensure and encourage implementation of such ideal system in a client tailored manner.

Each workshop consists of three days interactive sessions and simulations on;

·         How principles affect leader behavior

·         The importance of leader behavior in creating ideal systems

·         Growing system without clear and guiding principles goes into instability

·         System entropy and the role of leaders

·         How systems shape group behavior

·         How group behavior shape organizational culture

·         How Organizational structure and HR policies effect high performance culture

·         How Strategic Management transforms Lean Systems into Excellence

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