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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence  requires an integrated approach to Lean systems, organizational transformation through High-Performance Culture and strategy management. Leanopex specializes in such complex implementation, taking an integrated look at all business processes as a whole.


We combine our experience and skills with your strengths to improve EBITDA.

Our value proposition is SUSTAINABILITY. We help companies to develop their leaders through turnaround practice by mentoring.


Our approach to change is based on Toyota Way which includes not only Lean but also Cultural Change for High Performance.

Opex Culture Change
Leanopex Approach to Opex

Operational Excellence

Lean systems stemmed from decades of continuous improvement at Toyota and have been widely used since in operational areas such as Health, Education, Banking and Manufacturing. When used as just a tool set, however, Lean cannot achieve sustainable development. Excellence in Lean systems requires an integrated process of management of culture, organizational transformation through high performance culture and a strong support from strategic management. Leanopex specializes in such complex implementation, taking an integrated look at all business processes as a whole.


Lean Systems

All organizations have weak and strong behaviors which are shaped by the systems within.  Simply copying Lean Systems to improve such weaknesses may not lead to desired results. In order to successfully transform your systems and make such transformation as smooth as possible, we combine our experience and skills with your strengths to achieve excellence.

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The trainings we offer are designed to give comprehensive and practical Lean systems information, with a special emphasis to effectiveness and sustainability. Our workshops aim to develop skills to create excellent Lean systems through principle based behaviors.



Systems may be perfectly running based on standard procedures. However, systems are prone to low performance unless they are digested and supported by employees. We analyze the network of Lean principles, behaviors, culture, organization and strategy at your systems and provide experience based practical solutions

About LeanOpEx

Successful businesses constantly adjust their operations to fit new circumstances. In Leanopex we have 30 years of hands-on experience in designing, planning, implementing and managing manufacturing lines. Having managed successive Lean Transformations in top Automotive OEMs, we provide training and mentoring services as well as process planning and investment consultancy to organizations. Our expertise ranging from strategy to culture management provides practical and effective approach to change. With this cross-functional competency, we are able to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and innovation.

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